Saturday, 16 January 2010

The problem with...

work. The problem with work is that you actually have to be prepared to turn up and do it. Since going back to work (albeit part time), I realise I don't feel the same anymore. Sorry work, we used to have a connection but it's all's not you, it's me. Work has definitely been supplanted by family (this was always the case) and, dare I say it, domesticity. Honestly, pre-kids I didn't care what state the house was in, as long as it was basically clean (not quite as bad as the friend who, after a break in at her flat called the police, they were commiserating with her, over the appalling state the reprobates had left her room in, it was with some huge embarrassment that she had to admit that this was her natural habitat).

Anyway, work. I basically like my job, I don't like box ticking, continual monitoring, huge workloads that insist on an invite home. 'Why do you stay up until 3am working?' asked one of my childless colleagues. She's planning a baby, 'you'll find out' I said, hopefully in enigmatic tones, but more likely in a weary drawl enhanced by the eye tick, the signifier of the permanently knackered.

So, I'm (hopefully) shipping out; well, for a bit anyway. I reduced my hours, changed my role, been very pro-active but I'm sick of snapping at my own kids because I've been pushed to the limit at work. I'm sick of rejecting nights out because there is still one more job to do.

Sooooo, any suggesting for 'life after teaching?'. Or, alternatively, is there a school out that that still trust teachers enough to teach? C'mon...there must be one or two?