Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas....The Aftermath

Almost a month since Christmas. Ah, love Christmas. Love, love, love's like a big shiny disco ball. I decline for at least 3 months after it's all over. The problem with Christmas is (and there aren't really any problems with Christmas but if there was one this would be it) the aftermath. Not financially, I don't do Christmas on my credit card but when I do find myself in ASDA, forking out double the amount I would normally deem unacceptable in the single amount, I remain insouciant. Children's demands don't bother me because they don't really make any. The certain mayhem of the actual day...well, it wasn't too bad this year and we're a bit disorganised here at Demands? Towers anyway, so we cope. No, it's the 'taking down of the decorations' that gets me. Every year, without fail, we manage to stock pile another box of decorations (Sig. Other has a bit of a thing for Christmas lights and I have a bit of a thing for breaking them, plus I love John Lewis, you get the picture). So, there is all this stuff piled up and then I have to hack off the branches of the Christmas Tree and someone always manages to get a pine needle stuck in, usually. So, it's all going on, I'm finding rouge baubles in random places but it gets done and I realise how a few carefully placed decorative displays manage to disguise a plethora of clutter. Now we are I have to get sorted, get organised because the darn 'New Year' rears it's unwelcome head with all that 'New Beginning' nonsense. It's a real problem for the chronically disorganised.

So I did it all, I managed to sort it all and one month...a whole month later, I'm still getting pine needles stick in my feet and still finding rouge Rose's chocolates. Still wading through pickles and bath gel. However, I really, really, really do wish it was still Christmas.....'I know Mum' yawns my 7 year old 'you say that ALL the time.' Sensible girl. Maybe I have an issue with letting go?