Friday, 19 February 2010

Piles.... not THOSE sort of piles (ya see what I did there!? A cheap way to get attention I know!) I am, however, suffering from the worst kind of piles; piles of junk mail; school letters; THINGS that need immediate attention (my sense of the immediate is ahem...a rather delayed reaction). These piles though, they just grow; they breed over night. What started out as a relatively modest pile snowballs into mountains of paper and plastic and library books and...well the list goes on.

Childbirth brings about the worst, most painful sort of piles (I did it again....;-) because those are the piles that need to be dealt with; envelopes that need to be opened: the child trust fund, the school targets, which I kind of ignore; hey, I'm a teacher I know where my kids are at....honestly. I won't get started on target setting for our wee ones, those who should be playing and not worrying about sub levels and SAT's. Suffice to say, have no fear, if I ever happened to teach your child I would target set until the cows come home (it comes with the role, no matter how ridiculous I find it!). The most dreaded source of piles though it the WORKING TAX CREDIT THINGYS. How many pieces of paper does that one use???!!! I have studied each and every correspondence from a variety of angles but, nope, it makes no sense to me.

So, these piles are building up and are being ever so neatly stacked on any available surface and I look and think 'Goodness, must do something about that lot' but still they grow. Of course immediate filing would sooth the problem but then that would dispel my assumption that I'm suffering from some sort of chronic disorganisation disorder. It's real, honestly! Google it..there are specialists in the States who deal with this sort of thing. So, you see, it's catch 22. WHAT should I do about my piles?? More than likely, stop this procrastination and starting acting....oh well, mañana.

PS: Mum with carrot in her hair tagged me in a meme (that always make me laugh as son#2 calls his blanket Meme) I haven't forgotten Mum....and I will do (it's the Chronic dis......yeah, yeah!)