Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Clearblue...and the line turns blue

A stab at being organised:... jobs to do...sort out cupboard the under stairs; no, this is an ongoing project and can't be rushed; many delicate decisions needed to be made. Do I merely transfer the junk to the loft or chuck the lot as I haven't looked at it for 3 years (the week we moved in in fact)? who knows what gems are lurking there...I must have something that has no sentimental value but enormous monetary potential. WHY do we have so many tangled bags of wires? Isn't everything wireless these days? Can't we dispense of the services of wires? Ask partner...get unsatisfactory answer. Moving on...well no need to really as the cupboard represents the whole house really.. There seems to be a lot of slummy, yummy, mummy chic lit floating around at the know the type of thing "..I'm so hopeless" backlash against the domestic goddess...well they all have cleaners and I am domesticated, it's just that no else in the house is. Anyway back to list...strip the whole house of vile woodchip; an unrewarding job but I have developed a technique so will persevere (and I can't afford to employ anyone to do it for me). MOP - a very satisfying job with instant results especially if given surfaces are soiled with Weetabix and cranberry juice (am tempted to throw some more down to gain even more satisfaction); domestic halo will be restored and all is well. Getting my kids to listen to me is another uphill struggle doesn't have the instantaneous results gained from mopping but sticker charts are my weapon of choice bringing enormous satisfaction to #1 child and the rewards of motherhood are heightened 10 fold by not having to shout at all. That brings me to my next "to do"...and this has halted the planned domesticity. The TEST purchased from Boots the Chemist was positive and I knew this was to be the case before I took it...but still everything is suspended until this news partner (who already has an older daughter so #4 for him) is instantly thrilled and I am well...pregnant

The entralling adventures of a pregnant supply teacher

Now there's an enticing title for you..I'm sure I'd be chomping at the bit to follow the daily toils of not only a supply teacher but a pregnant one at that. However, if you happen to be a supply teacher or pregnant or, indeed, both there's something for you here (possibly). Now should I start with the pregnant bit or the supply saga? Supply first a nutshell ( I rarely do "nutshell" but I'll try to be brief. After a long time working in an inner-city school ( a very good one) I had two babies....not at the same time. #1 put in her appearance and I had to return full time (partner had started his own business...not sure what...I mutter politely "COMPUTER STUFF") I was the breadwinner (we are a democratic household) #2 appeared and "hurray" i could work part-time...well flexible working didn't for me (work that is) it was full time or quit...I did the latter. Little did I realise that leaving a full time steady "job for life" would lead to job insecurity; c'mon it's teaching everyone gets a job! Well the amount of unemployed NQT's testified that things had changed, so it was a long term, insecure position covering PPA (blah!) in another inner-city school (not as good as the first but....a job). After a while, and after (mercifully - it was really that tough) failing to secure a perm. job (too many teachers, too small a budget, last in, first out etc) I decided a life of supply was for me. It was going to be oldest was at school, my youngest at parents were happy to do childcare for 2/3 days a week...perfect! My youngest was going to stay my youngest until the day the line turned blue and so did the air! I was now a pregnant supply teacher complete with dreadful morning sickness and (a huge disadvantage when on supply) an appalling sense of direction....