Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The entralling adventures of a pregnant supply teacher

Now there's an enticing title for you..I'm sure I'd be chomping at the bit to follow the daily toils of not only a supply teacher but a pregnant one at that. However, if you happen to be a supply teacher or pregnant or, indeed, both there's something for you here (possibly). Now should I start with the pregnant bit or the supply saga? Supply first a nutshell ( I rarely do "nutshell" but I'll try to be brief. After a long time working in an inner-city school ( a very good one) I had two babies....not at the same time. #1 put in her appearance and I had to return full time (partner had started his own business...not sure what...I mutter politely "COMPUTER STUFF") I was the breadwinner (we are a democratic household) #2 appeared and "hurray" i could work part-time...well flexible working didn't for me (work that is) it was full time or quit...I did the latter. Little did I realise that leaving a full time steady "job for life" would lead to job insecurity; c'mon it's teaching everyone gets a job! Well the amount of unemployed NQT's testified that things had changed, so it was a long term, insecure position covering PPA (blah!) in another inner-city school (not as good as the first but....a job). After a while, and after (mercifully - it was really that tough) failing to secure a perm. job (too many teachers, too small a budget, last in, first out etc) I decided a life of supply was for me. It was going to be oldest was at school, my youngest at parents were happy to do childcare for 2/3 days a week...perfect! My youngest was going to stay my youngest until the day the line turned blue and so did the air! I was now a pregnant supply teacher complete with dreadful morning sickness and (a huge disadvantage when on supply) an appalling sense of direction....

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