Sunday, 4 October 2009


I'm sort of here but not, work has claimed me and it's getting harder to clean the house, prepare for work and spend quality time with my kids...poor blogging, taken a back seat again. I'm not saying my job is more demanding or anything because it is (joke, just joking it probably isn't). Teaching, however, has become A LOT more full on since I class taught last (not PPA cover or supply) so whilst it's good, I'm feeling the pressure. My job share is off sick (and he is quite ill, get well soon) so, I have increased my days and have planning and assessment all to myself (the joys). The school? It's great, tough but great. I can't make any comment about it on a public forum, suffice to say that some of the individual cases I have come across make me realise how lucky we, as a family, are to have each other to love and support. I'm no stranger to inner city, urban environments but this time round I feel sad because I KNOW any effect I make will be temporary. So I will be back soon and for now I must dedicate my time to my own kids and my slightly eccentric, very noisy class (if you can't see us, you'll definitely hear us)


Rebel Mother said...

Its hard juggling everything.

Hope your 'Job Share' person comes back soon.


The Dotterel said...

Teaching 'a lot more full-on?' When was it anything other... (Good to see you back, btw!)

Katherine said...

True Mr D. I was off for 3 days this week,as my kids were sick and, boy, when I got back, there were two or three in my class that were determined to make me pay (behaviour wise). It's like the wild things story, they want you there but will make things difficult when you do return, oh well, next week will be more settled. I love the KS2 stuff but how much assessment!!??? Teaching is great but the assessment and policing is really putting me off....:-(

disa said...