Thursday, 5 August 2010

'Me time'....hmmm. How does that work then?


I started insisting on this ritual, mainly because of the summer holiday and because of the summer holiday, me and my brood are chained at the hip. I was reading this posh woman's periodical, that's where it all started. The magazine itself was all 'Outfits which will carry you from the boardroom to .....' ah, I dunno, wherever these woman make off to when they've finished in the boardroom and creating the 'shabby' as in chic opposed to the SHABBY as in a bit grubby, sorry folks, I've got that look down pat.

Anyway, this mag. waxed lyrical about 'the importance of time spent in a state of tranquility' Say this last bit with a slightly furrowed if you really care. The author carried on waxing about the Grandmother, who, when caring for her Grand-brood, insisted on shutting her door for an hour and indulging in some relaxing time.

I'm all for me time but my 'me' time usually consists of ME putting the baby down for his sleep and trying to watch Come Dine With Me repeats, whilst my other 2 jump all over ME. Please don't judge on the Come Dine... front; we all have our guilty pleasures. I have several: Man V Food, Iron Chef America and, well anything low brow, American and food related. I am, of course, very high brow but during 'me' time, I like a bit of low brow. I wouldn't say my 'me' time was solely for me anymore. My eldest ones love watching the Food Channel, they love Man v Food, they love my low brow televisual treats, 'Mummy's time' is a reason to celebrate! Sometimes they even ask for lemonade. Lemonade!!!! Well, it is the hols so I occasionally capitulate, on the condition that they get it themselves, for it is ME time. More reason to whoop, they give themselves far more than I would ever allow.

So, in conclusion, does it work? Hmmmmm....the tranquility bit passes me by but maybe that's more to my dubious tastes in entertainment; watching a grown man eat his own body weight in burgers is hardly tranquil making. On the other hand, the kids understand that I need a bit of a sit down when the wee one is napping and, yeah....well... yeah. Yes/No (don't you hate it when people say that) but yes/ can and it can't..I don't mind...because maybe, one day they want want to encroach on my 'me' time, then I will be sad. for Brio Hedgehog to sorry, I have lost the web address for the guy who asked me to review...please send it to me, the Brio Hedgehog was a storm!

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Gary said...

I love man V food but, my favourite food prog at the moment is Diners, drive ins and dives. Its on Food at 10pm. Give it a go if you haven't already.