Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Heaven Spa will help me think this through

Wow I started this blog thing really well and then I stopped doing so well....my Geography teacher told me I was easily distracted. Well, anyway, in this the distractions were big and real. I had mentioned my positive pregnancy test...also the fact that I was about a month more pregnant than first assumed? Well I WAS and my decision was to try not to think too much about it and work as much as possible to save some cash...right that was sorted focus on work ( note:my priorities were as askew as my hormone ravaged brain was) BUT first I was treated to something fairly wonderful...pampering at the lovely Heaven Spa , a fine emporium for hair and beauty. Basically, the therapists needed a pregnant body to practise on and I was lucky. Actually I was fairly intimidated...I mean the only additional reason I had to go to the bathroom apart from the usual ablutions was to vomit, suddenly I had to start shaving bikini lines and plucking. I shuffled into to beauty arena muttering apologies for my acne; "pregnancy hormones" I claimed...not a total absence of any sort of cleansing routine which was nearer to the truth. In the end intimidated was the last thing I needed to be (I am the queen of over reacting), Heaven Spa was all the name suggests...heavenly; very heavenly. The treatments were to numerous and complicated for me to remember (lots of massage and stuff) plus I was too relaxed to take much notice anyway but the therapy products were outstanding. The unguents used were by Mama Mio; I say unguents because these products really were as soothing as they were delicious to use. The Wonder-Full Balm has a magic that is all it's own. I actually ended up buying it (and believe me I'm not easily persuaded to part with my money when it comes to beauty stuff) and using it on my sons eczema...might not work for everyone but it soothed him. What else? Oh yeah Super-rich body cream this smells like the best desert you have ever eaten; lovely, lovely, lovely. It contains Shea which I know is good for dry skin (I know this 'cos it works on mine) and Avocado oil: Haven't a clue what that does but I'm guessing it's good for the skin...oh oh oh Wikipedia says that it's regenerative; good, I'll go for that. Anyway, there were all sorts of products and treatments and general loveliness...SO if you're preggers and your friends want to treat you, forget the Mothercare vouchers, tell them to put their knitting needles away and get them to club together; stump up some cash and get yourselves down to Heaven Spa in Didsbury (obviously you have to be in the Manchester area...well no...if you have transport it's worth the trip) and retreat into a bit of luxury.
PS: Take no notice of the Mothercare comment...your colleagues can get you those vouchers...

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