Thursday, 22 January 2009

I take my hat off to you....(but only if it's an oversized beanie...)

I've thought of another aside, that is, it's completely irrelevant to the main purpose of me starting this blog, BUT why are lots of boys (or young men as I should be calling them) wearing the most ridiculous forms of woolly hat these days. Football hats... fine, sports caps, flat caps, hats for protecting one from the elements, trilby's (my grandads hat of choice) ohhh so many good hats: BUT what is with those floppy, over sized beanie type hats that some boys insist on wearing indoors? On a recent sojourn to the Trafford Centre I must have spied at least 2 dozen varieties of these ridiculous items of head gear. Now the Trafford Centre is indoors and it's heated...I start to melt when I'm wearing my duffel coat never mind a hat. These boys (the ones in hats beat that element of discomfort by just wearing t-shirts...T-SHIRTS and a WOOLLY HAT!!?? As you mother should have told won't feel the benefit and it's cold outside. Next time you're out and about doing a spot of shopping see how many of these hats you spot, see whether you think they look like over grown extras from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; however, if the look takes your fancy you can buy these monstrosities from the fine online fashion boutique: ASOS but do your self a favour and buy a nice shirt instead. In the final analysis though, maybe I've just entered the realms of Grumpy Old Woman; a position, I might add, I was born to...

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