Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Thanks Amy at 1moremeansfour. Right, must do this properly...

1. What are your current obsessions?

Eating the kids Easter eggs without them finding out; the garden; pursuing errant plasterers (hurray for Trading Standards); googling people and finding discount codes.

2. Which item of clothes do you wear most often?

Well probably jeans but I must confess when I get in the house and shut the door for the evening I always put my PJ's on (I call them "house clothes", so much more comfortable than "outside clothes")

3. What's for dinner tonight?

I had quick pasta, actually, I nearly just had chocolate and a cuppa but sig. other came home and cooked (kids ate well though!!)

4. What's the last thing you bought?

Clinique airbrush concealer and I need it!!

5. What are you currently listening to?

Some rubbish film sig. other in watching (can't even be bothered asking what but it involves walkie talkies and jet skis)

6. Who is your favourite male celebrity at the moment?

erm....Stavros Flatley from Britain's Got Talent? Not really sure, not doing much in the way of celeb watching at the moment. oh, actually, Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt of Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars fame... "fire up the quattro")

7. What are you reading now?

Mary Wesley - Harnessing Peacocks; Francesca Simon - Horrid Henry's Nits

8. Wow! How Do You stay looking so young? Share your secret!

Clinique airbrush concealer, lots of it. They tell me, it's better than Touche Eclat. Avoid mirrors, so I can remain the way I see myself in my minds eye.

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

Bison Grass vodka cocktails; Britain's Got Talent and I did have another but I've forgotten it. Oh, actually, it's the Shipping Forecast, love it

10. Who or what makes you laugh until you're weak?

The Top Tips pages in women's weekly magazines; Jon Heder's dance at the end of Napoleon Dynamite - sweet!

11. First Spring thing?

Usually hay fever :( BUT on a lighter note, longer evenings and eating outside.

12. Where are you planning on travelling to next?

to bed...I'm tired. Further a field? Probably Scotland.

13. What was the best thing you ate or drank recently?

Children's Easter eggs and a nice cup of Yorkshire tea hmmmmmm tea......

14. When did you last get tipsy?

Last Friday at a "Pampered Chef" party...kind of posh Tupperware, couldn't afford anything. I'd actually had a half bottle of red before I rocked up to the party; my sister was returning to Greece, that means red wine MUST be imbibed!!

15. What is your favourite film?

Too many; probably Napoleon Dynamite, City of God and Breakfast At Tiffany's (to name a few...oh and Star Wars)

16. Share a piece of wisdom.

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade.

17. What's your favourite song?

Too many; going to have God Only Knows (Beach Boys - Pet Sounds) as my wedding first dance song. Anything by The Buzzcocks, Blondie... ohhhh, it's a hard question!!!

18. If you could change anything in your life so far, what would it be?

Nothing really; I'm more than happy with my lot.

The rules are as follows. I tag you. You answer the questions, replace one question with a question of your choice and then tag 8 people. Simple! Here's the 8 people I tag.

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notSupermum said...

Loved your answers - and thanks for the tag!

amy said...

I totaly agree with Number2 I am in my 'house clothes' as i type! x

Katherine said...

Cheers notSupermum, sorry I spelt your name wrong...looking forward to reading your answers!

Lol,so am I, Amy, so am I...I'm rapidly becoming a fan of the expanding waistband; I'm a bit you but sooo comfortable!

Titian red said...

So sorry I didn't thank you sooner for the tag - I will apply myself as soon as I can. The world has gone mad with swine flu and I am acting like Miss Piggy !

Mama B said...

Thanks for the tag! I've just done my answers x