Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Things I am not going to do today...

I like lists; they're quick and easy (but probably get boring, so this will be my last). Right {pushes up cardi sleeves, all purposeful and business like} here goes:

I will not shout at the kids in the morning....oh, scrub that, already broken that one; it's the first thing I did today...sorry.


Will not say "just give me 2 minutes" or "be there in a second" to the kids.

Will not forget that I had a fringe cut into my hair, I chose to and, therefore, must blow dry it along with the rest of my hair in order to
a) avoid dodgy, sticking up hairline crisis.
b) enable me to stop wearing my daughter's clips, which make me look like a prematurely aged 9 year old, it's not the "look" I'm striving for right now.

Will not succumb to moaning on the school playground about
a) messy sig. others.
b) Hayfever

I will not be lazy and do slovenly things: for instance, leave washing out on the line all night to get rained on, leave pans "to soak" indefinitely.

I will not choose to ignore library fines; parcels to be collected from the post office etc etc etc

I will not think malevolently of errant builders but will pursue them via Trading Standards in the name of decency and honour, with my simple sword of truth and trusty shield of fair play...or summin' like that!

Will not curtain twitch (spy) on the neighbours, when I'm supposed to be working on the blog stuff...but the computer so well positioned for casual glaces into their back garden and I'm so nosey.

Will not abandon preparation for my return to work next week (only 2 days...phew, no panic!) and will read interesting National Curriculum related documents (sorry but...BORING; NC...dull, dull, dull).

Will not continue to ignore Twitter; some of you are having a ball and I'm missing out!

Right that's enough. What about you?


Katy said...

Funny funny funny. This is your list of things to do today, does that mean you can do them all tomorrow?? :)
I second the one about not leaving pans in the sink to soak indefinitely! hahaha

Katherine said...

Won't be doing them tomorrow because, as I told my mum when I was a sulky teen, "tomorrow never comes" the perfect get out clause!!!. I'm dreadful for pans...we did have a washing up machine (donated by a kind friend) but it broke!! So, now I'm the washing up machine (again) and it's dull, dull, dull....sooooo...I pretend things need a good long soak to avoid the inevitable!!

amy said...

ha ha i always leave washing on the line overnight to be rained on thought it was just me x

Katherine said...

I always think "it's just got washed again" and then....I just have to wash it all again!!! It's such a pain but I'm really chuffed 'cos we have a garden to hang washing out in for the first time in ages (it's been a mud patch/dumping ground for the past few months!)