Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Things I learnt today....

The humble Sherbet Fountain is to lose it's cardboard tube in favour of a resealable plastic one. No more soggy card board

Never put things you might urgently need some day away in a "safe place". This doesn't work if you, like me, are fundamentally, disorganised.

Just because I'm not spending money on clothes for myself, it shouldn't mean that I can justify spending even more on clothes for the kids (although I got nice stuff, loads of it too, from Hennes).

I have to accept that the breast feeding has gone as far as it's going where weight loss is concerned and post natal bodies require attention at some point.

There is a new flu; Swine Flu (actually that's a yesterday thing), my Scottish Auntie will be beside herself with panic.

Sometimes it's good to be disorganised; you can find all sorts of "stuff" in all sorts of places. Ohhh, it's so pleasant to find the lovely things you thought you'd lost.

Try to avoid cleaning the house with a packet of baby wipes.

Just because you lead a horse to water, it doesn't mean they're going to drink...especially if they are too busy to!


Cassandra said...

OH! Shame about the sherbert fountain packaging, the soggy cardboard was all part of the joyous retro experience, doncha think?!

Guess what?! WV is "plump". Just like me!!!!!

Katherine said...

Like the WV...in fact, just like my post- natal self!! Yes, everything changes, wonder if they'll mess around with the Sherbet Dib Dab next? Actually, Dib Dab my fav. the liquorice in the fountain was a bit too healthy for me!

amy said...

Hi i've tagged you on my blog come join in the fun! x

mothership said...

i never liked sherbet fountains due to my extreme aversion to licorice but I am DEEPLY OFFENDED by the packaging change. Actually, when they changed smarties into that revolting hexagonal pack and took off the plastic top with the letter on it that you could shoot across a room by stamping on it, it was all over for me, really.
Swine flu. We are beside ourselves. But then we live in CA.
I try to be organised but I struggle against a family who will not work with my arbitrary systems. I give up.

Katherine said...

You did that with the Smarties tube too? My brother and I used to stash them away and, when we had enough, we'd go to war against each other. Might allow my kids just one Sherbet F before they disappear for good (but def. with you on the liquorice, used to ditch that bit)

Swine flu is becoming a bit more of an issue here on a daily basis. I think there's been a couple of cases down South. I'm normally not swayed by mass panic but I found myself telling my daughter she had to promise to try harder with washing her hands; she just doesn't, if she can get away with it. Being close to it must be a worry though.
Organisation is a struggle, like you I have a family who ignore my brilliant systems; people say my home is "homely"; if piles of junk mail and abandoned shoes, coats, wellies etc is "homely" then I guess it is!

Rebel Mother said...

I wasnt fond of that horrible stick in the Sherbet neither, it tasted much better if you just used your finger or better still just opened your mouth and shovelled it in! Shame about the cardboard tube though - more plastic crap!

Katherine said...

Yeah, the cardboard tube is much more recyclable, surely? Liquorice is blah!!! Shovelling was the best way; like popping candy, so much fun!! Ahhh I have fond memories of sweets..they're what I spent my paper round money on; my mum was very anti sweet..she used to call the cheap stuff (the half penny chews etc) "rubbish" as in "don't go buying any of that rubbish!!!"; and guess what? So do I now. Nowt like a bit of healthy hypocrisy!!