Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Award time!

Four awards in one go!! Right. Sorry folks but I'm going to follow Clareybabbling's lead and list a load of ace blogs and let them select the award they think would look best on their blog BECAUSE once again, I have procrastinated and I'm trying to see who has what, and who doesn't but, ahhh, I don't know, it's all too confusing...if I haven't credited you like Amy or Clareybabbling, for instance, it's because you have all 3 and probably don't want an exercise in repetition coming your way. Moral your homework straight away, otherwise all roads lead to confusion!

Thank you Rebel Mother for this one! I love reading about your days in the Madhouse...I know were you're coming from darling! Soooooo, to get this right I have to name three things I'm grateful for? Gosh, a hard one...I could be really frivolous but then people might think I'm shallow; I could say coffee cup cakes, Straits Kitchen (lovely take away place at the top of the road) and dishwashers: ALTERNATIVELY, I could be very deep (actually I can't be very deep; I'd find that too difficult).

So, 3 things
1), sig other, step daughter, brother, sister, Ma and Pa (the the rest of "the clan"). They're great, I love 'em. Some of them have put up with a lot from me when I was preggers with #3. OCD related, mad ante-natal depression patch; all gone now but the memory of the support I received will stay in my heart and mind forever.
2) Friends old and new; I haven't got that many but those I have are worth their proverbial weight. From sharing a laugh, to providing support (see above) when times got hard; for staying constant and loyal.
3)Being able to read; working in school has made me realise the amount of people who can't. Books provide my family unit with such pleasure...from giggling over the Beano, trips to the library, finding out about stuff, oh and the rest! I was told once "you will never be bored if you can read a book" and it's true.

And now, from Amy and Clareybabbling Honest Scrap...that kinda reflects my whole persona actually!

Right, when I received this, I initially thought I had to list 10 embarrassing things I'd done! I racked my brain and came up with very little. Is this because I never embarrass myself OR I never stop, hence, it doesn't even register? As I could only come up with one MAJORLY embarrassing thing, I was about to rush out and commit 9 more cringe worthy deeds; then I re-read it (story of my life!) and now understand (light bulb switches ON). So, ten things about me? I'm going to follow Amy on this one and list them over a number of posts because, to be honest, it's going to take me some time to think up 10 things that would be of any real interest; lets start with the embarrassing one:
When I was a newly qualified teacher, I was full of the joys of teaching; my new class was a Year2 (never to be forgotten). I was teaching them the phoneme "sh": " and what else begins with"sh" ? Anyone?", "Sheet? Good boy Izak", "Sheep? Well done Reece" ,"Shine? Lovely Shakira" ,"Ship? Brilliant Chelsea". All the while, my little NQT mind was telling me "ship ends in a 'p' not a 't', ship ends in a 'p' not a 't'". I wrote the word on the board with a flourish and a beam. Chelsea raised her hand "Yes darling?" ,"Miss 'ship' ends in a 'p' not a 't'" OMG, yes I'd written it...on the board, in front of 29 7 years olds. You've never seen a board rubber move quicker!! I had visions of my gaff leading me to the dole queue and, as I confessed all to my mentor, she laughed, preempted the end of my sorry tale and told me to "wait until you come to rhyming 'uck' words"
Another fact...when I was little I had 2 imaginary friends. They were called Pompsy and Kacky (I know what you're thinking....what a sh*t name!). I also had a little knitted kangaroo with a baby in it's pouch; I named this baby...wait for it... Titty (my parents must have been biting their tongues at this one!)

And lastly, from the lovely SandyCalico , I just want to pass this on to Laura Driver's (Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?) other blog, the poignant and beautifully written A Mum Shaped Hole

The blogs I pass on to are

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PS aplologies for any I've left off and for my spelling; I've a feeling it won't be much cop and it's PMT time (see last post) so what ya gonna do????!!!


Mum's the word said...

Hi Katherine,
Thank you so much for my award. It's my very first one.
So exciting.
Look forward to reading more of your posts.
x jo

The wife of bold said...

Hiya Katherine,
Thanks soo much for the award, you had me laughing to myself with this post - very funny. Thanks for the comment on my blog - you read my mind, i anticipate the next day and how tired i will feel and then i have to say nooo to anymore drinks! Love the tale about the classroom, bet their parents had a laugh about it when they spilled all x x

Katherine said...

Thanks Mums the word!
WofB...not sure, but I reckon a fair proportion of those kids heard a lot worse at home, judging by what I used to hear on the playground! Had to forgo a glass of wine this evening...hangovers and 25 Year 1's (actually have tested this one out and it's completely loathsome from start to finish!)

notSupermum said...

Congrats on getting the well deserved awards, and for passing them on! I quite fancy the Honest Scrap one!

Katherine said...

Ooohhh that's my favourite too! Feel it reflects the person I have evolved into. Looks a bit industrial and hard working too!

Rebel Mother said...

Congratulations on your award - well deserved. (I've been there with that depression thing - I had the 'tripping' one - not pleasant at all!

Many thanks for mine - will post in a couple of weeks - after dreaded exam.

Much love RMx

The Dotterel said...

Yes, many congratulations Katherine - all very well deserved! And thanks for sharing, too. I'm chuffed!

SandyCalico said...

All thoroughly deserved, and thanks for passing one on to me too :-)
I'm a bit nervous about having to list my embarrassing moments, it could be a very long post!

Katherine said...

Don't worry Sandy you don't have to; I'd got it only have to name 10 things about yourself; mine, due to a misubderstanding, seem to have morphed into embarrassing!
Thank you to The Dotterel; gald to share. I read your parent blog and writing one...enjoying them both.
Cheers RM. I'd be interested to hear about the trippy pregnancy. Mine was boarding on that...hormonal hijinks! God luck with the exam...mwah!

crazymaisey said...

Hi Katherine, Congrats on your awards, and thankyou so much for mine.
I`m really chuffed, it`s my first one. So exciting.
Now I just need to know how to put it on my blog......
No seriously... what do I do? Help!
Crazy x